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Getting Max Value with Pocket Aces

Here is a hand I played on Sunday, April 30th, 2017.  The three villains are all spots in the game and are playing very loose-passive.  3-bets pre-flop are rare.  I have the villains covered.  The SB had missed his big blind and returned to the table in time for this hand.  He opted to buy the button, so I'm first to act out of the BB.


Ebro, $1/$2 NL Hold’em Cash Game, 9 Players


Pre-Flop: Aspades Ahearts dealt to Hero (BB)

Hero (BB) raises to $17, fold, UTG+1 3-bets to $35, MP calls $35, fold, fold, fold, BTN calls $35, fold, Hero (BB) 4-bets to $132, UTG+1 calls $97, MP is all-in for $90, BTN calls $97.


Pre-Flop: I don't want to kill my action, but I'll be second to act after the flop and from early position so I need to thin the field.  The three spots at the table are donkeys.  I'm only concerned with the SB who has me covered.  I'm surprised and delighted when the UTG+1 player 3-bets.  He must have a good hand.  I'm even more delighted when the other two spots call.  I want to make them pay to see the flop, so with $143 in the pot I add in a $97 raise.  The UTG+1 player thinks a bit before calling.  Maybe he was contemplating a shove.  This puts the MP all-in for his remaining $90 and I get the feeling the BTN once again thinks that he's priced in.  I have $250 left which just covers my two remaining opponents.  I'm going to shove on just about any flop.


Flop: ($524) Qdiamonds 4hearts 7clubs

Hero (BB) bets $250, UTG+1 is all-in for $238, BTN is all-in for $188.


Flop: This is a safe flop with no straight or flush draws.  My only concern is a set of queens from the UTG+1 player, but he thinks a bit before calling off his remaining chips.  I call for a 4, just in case someone is playing a queen and hits their kicker.


Turn: ($1,200) 5hearts

No action.


Turn: This is a safe card.


River: ($1,200) 4diamonds

No action.


River:  There's my 4, but I think my aces were ahead the entire way.  I'm happy to see that the UTG+1 player didn't 5-bet pre-flop with his pocket kings and fold out the other two players.  This is by far the largest pot of the day on this table.


Results: $1,200 pot ($7 rake)

Final board Qdiamonds 4hearts 7clubs 5hearts 4diamonds

Hero shows Aspades Ahearts and wins ($823)

UTG+1 shows Kspades Kclubs and loses ($370)

MP shows Tdiamonds Thearts and loses ($125)

BTN shows 8hearts 8clubs and loses ($320)



I’m an avid poker player focusing mostly on $1/$2 No Limit Hold’em. I’ve written articles for Ante Up magazine on Casino Chip Collecting and Rounders magazine on live poker play here in the state of Florida.
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