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“Next week it’s the Western Open in Castlebar, I lost a small fortune over there last year when the cash games ran straight through but I have every intention of getting some of it back this time round. Hopefully the usual suspects show up and my big hands hold up”

The last paragraph of my last blog was in my head as I lost the third €5k+ pot in a row in Castlebar last weekend. It was a pretty sick hand too as we were all in 3 ways on a Q,10 x flop with the other 2 holding each other’s outs and me having top set, but somehow they got there.

Its seldom I walk away from a cash game completely gutted but this was one of those occasions, it was the same sort of feeling I have when I get knocked out deep, in a big tournament when you’ve been unlucky. In fact it was similar to a tournament because I feel if I win that pot I can go on and win a lot of money as the others were buying in for one or two thousand at a time and I would have had over €7k in front of me had my hand held.

Anyway apart from the fact I done the tank in, the first stop on the new The Irish Tour was a great weekend of poker and with the majority of the money staying with the locals. The beer and the cash games ran pretty much 24/7 and from what I could see everybody had a great weekend. Next one is the first week in May in Dublin.

Still licking my wounds for the trip west I went into my regular Naas plo game and had my biggest losing session in over a year. Woke up the next day feeling like an idiot and got word of a decent golf bet. I called a few guys who know more than me about golf and they all agreed this was value so I called one of the lads with the intention of having €500 on Yang @ 6/4 to win his 3 ball that night. Somewhere in the next 3 minutes I decide instead of having €500 I’m sticking €4k on him!

The biggest bet I’ve had since the all-Ireland final and with such an amount of cash on the line you’d think I’d know the rules.. When Yang was on the 17th all square with Clarke I didn’t know dead heat rules apply and in fact a tie would have returned a profit. Nicky Power was on the msn chat and kindly informed me how I was fixed and added that he thought Clarke would find the water on 18. Nicky turned out to be spot on and Clarke did find the drink leaving an easy win for Yang and me collecting €10k to get me even for the week.

Went to Carlow on the Friday night for the plo and again I done well down there. The biggest and last pot of the night was my AKQ9 v 1010XX on a AA10 flop. I called a bet in position on the flop and potted a Q turn, and got a full pot bet in on the river which put the villain all in.

Next up was the €40k gtd in Clane on Saturday, I gave the tournament a miss as I intended putting in a long session at the cash tables. Everything was going fine until I got rivered for a big pot and then the pain started. I lost pot after pot getting it in as good as you can in Omaha and they just kept getting there. I finally threw in the towel when 3 of us were in a massive pot and a guy manages to hit a single out to scoop.

Omaha can be pretty cruel game but all in all I’ve had my fair share of good breaks so I can’t complain too much when it goes against me for a while. Played in Naas again last night and booked a small profit, the game was not as crazy as usual with some of the more “creative” players missing.

Tomorrow I’m playing the first of a few live satellites for the Irish Open in the Jackpot. They have renovated the place and I believe its top class now with new food facilities and sports on the TV’s etc. I haven’t played a live tournament for 3 weeks which is a long time for me and I’m looking forward to it, win lose or draw I’ll be in this 30 seat gtd on Paddy Power on Sunday night. 

Whether you agree with the PP last longer being in the most prestigious Irish tournament or not its madness not to be in it. There are usually about 100 qualifiers so its effectively means if you qualify on line its worth €1k more to you, can’t be bad can it?

Super Poker and PLO Pain

Played the Super Poker Event and two long plo sessions this weekend with little to show for it. I got off to a bad start when I went behind in the cash game I've been a regular at since it started back up five weeks ago. Easy to keep turning up when you've been winning I suppose, I was going for five winning sessions in a row.
I was a good bit behind but the game was loose enough to get it back and at about 7 am I got it in when I turned the nuts and held to get me slightly in front for the session.

The game broke fairly shortly after that and after heading home for 3 hrs sleep I went to the Super Poker Event. I got off to a good enough start calling a shove with KK on a Q high board to knock a Frenchie out and then playing an interesting pot with Aidan Connolly blind on blind when he floated my turn bet and bet 75% pot on the river. I called with A high and he mucked. It was an interesting spot because I had more or less decided when I initially looked at my cards (A,10) that I had the best hand and was not folding.

After that it all started to go wrong, I kept doubling up the short stacks and then ran into AA for a big pot and was left with 1k with the blinds at 1k-2k-100. I then went all in every hand and won every time until I jammed QK and again ran into AA. That was for 70k and would have put me right back in the mix.

The plo was running so I jumped straight into that and although the game was terrible I managed to lose pot after pot and before long found myself in the hole again. At about 6am I just gave up and jumped into the €2-€5 NL game that was running and my fortune changed instantly.

Won a nice pot first hand with QJ v JJ on a QQ xxx board then doubled up with AA v AK button on blind. After an hour or so the game broke and I was only down €200 when Marc McDonald kindly offered to flip (blind omaha) for his remaining chips. Mathematically it might be 50/50 but statistically I am a big favourite here!! Anyway the stats never lie and I once again won the flip to finish a few hundred in front for the two days playing.  

I suppose it could have been a lot worse, after all I was down a lot of money both sessions and yet finished in front but it all seemed pretty pointless on Sunday afternoon when I was half asleep trying to push kids around a merry go round. All part of the game I suppose.

Next week its the Western Open in Castlebar, I lost a small fortune over there last year when the cash games ran straight through but I have every intention of getting some of it back this time round. Hopefully the usual suspects show up and my big hands hold up!!

In the 3 weeks since I last posted I’ve been doing the usual messing about punting away on this and that with various degrees of success and playing a bit of poker but not nearly as much as I often do.

The month started off with the European Deepstack festival high roller. The €2,500 buy in would not really put me off to much but the quality of the players should however there were a few reasons I decided to play the tournament.

First I could not play the main event as I was due to attend a wedding on the Saturday, second I thought the numbers would be low so even with a very tough line up pretty much inevitable I thought it was a reasonable chance to book a win. And third and the most important factor was that I really enjoy playing against the better players.

OK, obviously I don’t have an edge over the players in the field but then again I didn’t feel I was giving up too much of an edge either and obviously I could find better spots to invest my two and a half bags but fuck it I enjoy taking on the likes of Jonathan Duhamel, John O Shea, John Eames and the rest of the hero’s playing.

Anyway the tournament went pretty terrible after all that, I was lucky to stay in early on when I needed the board to pair on the river to stay in it but I lost pot after pot before getting it in with KQ v AQ on a Q high flop.
In hindsight I did not play well at all, missing a few spots to gather chips early on and then getting myself in tough spots when not really necessary. I was delighted when the Irish duo of Jason Tompkins and Tim Farrelly got heads up for the trophy with Jason eventually winning and picking up just shy of €20k.

Everybody knows how good a player Jason is, his results speak for themselves and I’m sure he will continue to do well in the game but Tim who finished 2nd could be at the start of a great run. He is only back playing a few months and seems to be going deep in everything. In the four tournaments I have played with him since January he has cashed in all four and they were not the handiest ones either. We both picked a ticket for the WPT in the super sat the night before but then he went on to cash. Then he picks up a ticket to the high roller on his way to finishing second.  Small sample size I know but still impressive. I hope he continues on the circuit as he’s a gentleman and there are only seems to be a few of us left!!

Played a cash game in Carlow on the Friday before the wedding which proved to be pretty lucrative and followed that up with a good winning session on the Sunday night back at the Deepstack festival. I’m defiantly ironing out a few leaks in my omaha game and I’ve reversed the terrible start I had to the year. Saying that it could just be a case of running better in the key pots, whatever it is there is a bit more of a pep in you step when your winning I can tell you.
Went to Galway for the first UKIPT last week with high hopes as Galway has been a happy hunting ground for me in the past and it was to prove to be again. Not in the tournament mind you where again I did not feel like I played well. It’s a pretty horrible feeling when you get a bad beat or a cooler when you run KK into AA or something but for me the worst feeling is when you walk away from the table thinking that you just played like an idiot.

Call it confidence or cocky whatever you like but when I sit at the table no matter whom it’s against I always feel like I’m going to end up with all the chips and if I get unlucky well then that’s acceptable as its part of the game however playing bad is completely unacceptable. I have started to really analyse how I played the losing hands after tournaments and that’s very important to help with improvement but it can lead to over thinking. Like for example when you shove the button three times when short stacked and don’t get a caller then the fourth time you get called and bust. No point worrying about it after the fact, you have to put it into context of the whole tournament and remember the risk reward factor.

After I bust the tournament and because I’m still flying the flag for the teetotallers by staying of the gargle I jumped into a decent €1-€2-€5 omaha cash game. It was the second biggest game in the room with a few Irish guys and a few drunken Dutch guys mixing it up. All the time I had my eye on the €2-€5-€10-€20 game that was running and playing pretty deep with a few guys playing five figure stacks.

After about five hours in the sensible game and about €25 profit I bit the bullet and jumped into the big game. I won and lost a few smallish pots before getting it all in for a €3k pot with top set against a bare flush draw and we decided to run it three times. The board paired every time and I scooped all three pots. The game broke shortly after that without any more drama so I booked a nice profit.

The following day after some messing about in the hotel where they tried to throw me out after only three hours sleep because I was not booked in the next night etc etc I eventually found myself in the bookies with two of Dublin’s finest in the shape of Peter Barrable and Bisto Murtagh and like all sensible gamblers we got stuck in to the score or bore market for a few quid with the chance of winning thousands. Needless to say we missed out of the cash but I suppose it’s ok to take a punt on a long shot every once in a while. 

After a short spell in the €300 side event I got back into the big omaha game and done well again, winning most of the key pots I was involved in and scooping a good few bob along the way. The two biggest pots I played I won both of them, first I flopped a set and a bad flush draw on a board where a straight was very possible and when the board paired on the river I checked into my Chinese friend who launched a full pot bet and had to call it off when I re-raised all in for what I had left.

The second was the biggest pot of the session when I turned a straight on a K,4,2 flop and help against top two pair. I was glad to get out of there with a healthy profit; it takes a bit of pressure off with all the poker that’s coming up.

First we have the Super Poker event in Citywest which could have up to 2,000 players under one roof the ever optimistic Stephen McLean tell me. And then it’s back over to the west for the second running of the Western Poker Open. 
This was one of the best events in the calendar last year and the cash games were crazy. The 24hr bar for the residents was busy all weekend and it made for some interesting hands late every night. Martin Silk tells me there are satellites running pretty much every night in some pub or club in Connaught and he expects the numbers to be up on last year. 

I set myself some targets in the last post and the only one I've managed to keep is the record keeping which reads more like a horror storey. Unless of course you happen to be playing the same cash games that I've been is for the past two weeks. 

If the truth was known I did not play great especially in the two tournaments I entered, first was the JP game and after doubling up with the first hand I played I then proceeded to play like a moron and went out early after the re-entry period had finished.

Second was the IPPF which is like a home tournament for me, I was on a pretty tough table for what kind of tournament  it was and everybody seemed to know what they were doing. Also had Nicky Power two seats to my left and John O Shea two seats to his left. Obviously there was fireworks from the off,  Nicky taking a good chunk of my chips before I crippled John with 99 v AQ. John was giving out in his blog about how he never seem's to win an all in situation with me, long may it continue!! 

Anyway I came back on day 2 with avg chips and gave them away quite easily to Bops 4-betting A9 v his JJ gg.
Played a good bit of cash in Naas, Newbridge  and Clane and lost in every session bar one, variance my ass every time the cards were on their backs if I needed to hit I missed and if the villain needed to hit you could bet you're bollix he hit. PLO can be very frustrating at times but I suppose its all part of the game. I certainly had my fair share good luck at the felt over the past few years so I can't complain.

As a result of this down swing I've decided to give Prague a miss and concentrate on a few things out side of poker, well when I say outside I mean away from the table most of them are poker or gambling related. 
I'm involved with the Poker Partnership which will be running 5 tournaments in Ireland this year starting with the Western Open the first weekend of March.
There will be 3 other regional events before a grand final in December in the capital. 
Also being spending some time on a new gambling site which will aim to keep punters informed of the special offers that the bookies are offering and trying to milk the bastards for every penny. Its still in the early stages but I think it could prove popular especially in Ireland where pretty much every one of us likes a flutter on something.

I'm not even going to write about my lack of progress in the gym but I am determined to get fit so I'm just going to have to sort my self out and get in there.  I am eating a bit better and am still off the booze so its not all bad news I suppose.

WPT & 2012 Goals.

Had a disaster of a weekend in city west, the only small silver lining was I won my ticket in the super sat the night before. Was a bumpy ride along the way to my ticket as I got it in bad twice with Ax dominated but got out of trouble both times and was comfortable enough when the bubble burst.

Main event started and finished worse, after establishing that seat 1 was unbluffable with the first half of my stack I then c/r the flop and fired 3 streets for value with AA into his flopped set, wp gg. The IPC did not go any better after I lost every pot I played before getting it in with AK v KK which would have got me back to starting stack but I failed to improve.

Then came the real pain as I done chunks in a really soft PLO game. Played one hand terrible for €1k or so but other than that I don’t think I made any real mistakes, just could never hold when in front or get there with any draws when it mattered.
 Although the event went pretty bad for me personally it was a huge success for the organisers and will only get better next year in my opinion.

I never really set any goals in any previous year but I never done a blog before so I suppose I should for 2012.

Top of the list for this year is to get fit, my health has suffered this year and there is no reason for it to continue I’ll be making much more of an effort to get to the gym when I’m at home and when away on trips.

Second is to get a minimum of $100k on the Hendonmob, with the type of events I’m playing I reckon poker costs me aprox $50k a year on tournament and hotels/flights. If I don’t make a clear $50k profit from tournaments at the end then it’s not worth all the hassle of travelling. The cash games are usually better at festivals but still not worth it by themselves.  

Win a tournament ffs! Even if it’s a side event I just want to get over the line in one bloody tournament. Its June 2009  since I won a live tournament which is just too long.

Keep exact accounts of my gambling & poker. I start this every year and then don’t bother, this year I’m going to keep it right. (I know my wife is throwing her eyes up to heaven as she reads this)

Stop losing when I’m winning? I wrote before that my biggest leak is playing or punting bad when I’m up a lot of money, this has improved in 2011 but I still do it more that I should.

In 2010 I was spending way too much time in card rooms or in front of a computer for someone with a small family, I put that right in 2011 and have found a better balance but there is always room to improve. Hopefully in 2012 I’ll get more time at home although if things work out I plan on being busy a good few Sundays!

Article for The Star Dec/12

December started off with the Fitzwilliam Winter Festival which is one of the best run tournaments on the Irish live circuit. The field was pretty tough with every table in the room containing at least two or three well know “pro” players and as we got half way through the eighty runner field I knew pretty much everyone in the room. This is nearly always a bad sign especially when you find someone you don’t recognise and you get told his online name.

Also amongst the field was Andy Black, he told me that for various reasons but most importantly just because he enjoyed the general banter so much he would be making an effort to play more live tournaments in Ireland this year. It will certainly be good for Irish poker to have Andy back playing the domestic tournaments although I don’t fancy having him on my table too often.
Anyway the tournament was a tough grind for me, I never had chips but managed to get to day two with enough to do damage. Then just when we were getting near the money I got a little run of cards and picked up a few chips, at the right time you might think. With sixteen players left and ten getting paid I stole a few pots without a show down before picking up kings on the button.
There was a bit of action before it came to me and I made the same raise I had made previously to steel hoping someone would shove. It was one of those be careful what you wish for moments as Wes Farrell did indeed shove before giving me the bad news with pocket Aces. That was for a big pot and had I won it I would have had a decent stack to mount a serious challenge for the trophy.
The quality of the field was underlined by the final table line up, Irish Open seventh place finisher Rob Taylor finished second and two of the biggest online tournament winners Mick Graydon & Dara O Kearney were also there.

Next up was the Macau Christmas Poker Festival which was pretty short and sweet for me. I had pocket queens four times during the first three levels and lost four times. Then playing about sixteen big blinds I pick up Ace King suited and after some very strange betting I end up all in versus King Jack. Pretty good spot for me especially when the player beside me informs me he has also folded a Jack, happy days I’m thinking but there were two more Jacks in the deck and up pops one of them in the window and I get my jacket.

I played a good bit of cash after in the Macau and had one very interesting hand where I got “slow rolled” for the biggest pot of the night. Slow rolling is one of those things in poker that some players hate. Basically it’s when after the betting is finished you don’t declare you’re strongest hand and your opponent thinks he or she is going to win and then you give them the bad news and collect the chips. It’s a kind of slap in the face for players especially in a big pot. To be honest I thought it was quite funny (apart from losing the money but I was losing that anyway), you don’t get slow rolled too often by ladies old enough to be your granny, I hope when I’m her age I’m still playing poker and raking in the chips.

After Cork was the Dusk till Dawn “Monte Carlo” tournament in Nottingham. Only three Irish made the trip which is very low considering how many travel to the UKIPT’s, and none of us made a significant mark on the tournament. Only thing I might be remembered for is getting wheeled out in an ambulance after busting from the main event with a reoccurrence of a medical problem I have been having problems with. I’m going in for tests in the New Year to get to the bottom of it, if I was a greyhound I might have got the bullet by now.

January sees the first running of a WPT in Ireland in Citywest, with a €2500 entry fee it’s out of reach for a lot of players but there are a number of ways to qualify with most clubs running satellites for it. If the organisers get close to the projected numbers it will be the second biggest tournament in Ireland next year with the winner getting a nice six figure cheque. It’s like a home leg for me living being so close to home; I’d love to kick the year off with a deep run in it.
After that we have the second IPPF in Clane, this tournament attracted over four hundred players last year. With a much more modest €250 entry fee most regular players will fancy their chances of going deep the possibility of a large score. Glen McCabe took home over €16k when he finished top of the pile in this event last January

Last Minute Dot Com

With virtually no poker on in Ireland for the next 2 weeks I had thought I would be enjoying a break from the tournament schedule until the WPT in January but got board last night and booked flights over to Nottingham to play the £250k gtd in Dusk till Dawn tomorrow. I also nearly booked flights to Holland to play some Winter Festival on the 28th but failed to pull the trigger at the last second.

To be perfectly honest there are two reasons for this, first I think there is value in these small buy in tournaments with big guarantee’s because of the amount of guys who get in for £50 in the satellites that have been running for three months and  second I actually drink less when away and since my little liver scare this year I’ve managed to keep the sessions to a minimum. They are expecting 300+ players with a top prize in excess of £75k

I say minimum of course because that is the best that can be expected, the thoughts of never having another session is pretty miserable so hopefully it won’t come to that. In fact the lads are organising the “office” party for early next week, I’ll leave it to some of the more seasoned session bloggers to keep you informed on what went on, with some of Dublin 4’s finest mixed with the likes of multi I’m sure there will be a few good stories.

Gambling wise I’ve not been up to much lately, few bets here and there and I’m losing on them over all. Only highlight was on Wednesday when I got a phone call with a tip for a horse and for some reason I decided to back it, I often get 3 tips for horses in a day and never back them anymore. Anyway the little beauty won at 10/1!! Over Christmas I think Taylor is a great bet for the Darts at anything close to evens. The man is a legend even if I can’t stand to listen to him talking. Also think that Man City will walk the PL and again anything close to evens is a super price. 

Ahhh Live Cash Games

Not been up to a whole lot since Riga, played a few live sessions and two tournaments in the Fitz Festival. First up for me was the €800 NL main event which had a pretty tough field for a live event in Ireland. I never had a stack at any time and just when I was starting to change gears and pick up a few cards I found myself with KK on the button. I think I had 3-bet from the button 2/3 times during the last few orbits so I thought this was set up for someone to shove over my raise and they did, but with AA. gg wp.

That hand happened 6 places from the money which was tilting enough but also ment I was able to reg for the Omaha which was even more tilting. I basically played the Omaha like a blouse, not getting it in a few times when I should have eventually going out with KK93 on a 9 7 3 flop after I had got 60% of my stack in pre v a set of sevens. gg wp
The cash games have been going a bit better for the last couple of weeks although I did have one really bad night in Naas. Other than that I've been winning pretty constantly so I cant complain about one horrific run of cards.

Also made my first appearance in the Golden Ball game. After a €200 sat for the WPT where I ran terrible losing a massive pot with AK v AQ aipf then losing AK v J4 (his favorite hand that never lets him down, he was right) I got into the round of each cash game. Roy the Boy had told me its a good game and he was right, the chips go in fairly quickly and fairly often with these guys. I managed to book a profit after being in 3 x €2k+  pots and winning two of them.
Have to say its one of the best places I've played, the food was great, full bar service and great banter with the regulars. They have a complementary taxi for all the drinkers which is something other clubs could learn from, although Balllymore might be a bit of a stretch.

Next up for me is Cork, anytime I've been in the Macau Casino I've been impressed and looked after very well. Haven't run very well in the tournaments but hope to change all that this time round. There is a €50k guaranteed and information can be found here..

Irish Daily Star 26/11/11

I finished day two of the Irish Winter Festival third in chips and 4/1 favourite with Paddy Power to win the tournament. Half an hour into day three I'm the shortest stack with 7.5 big blinds and probably 33/1 or more to win it out. Those are the joys of tournament poker.
I battled back well, held when I was ahead and got lucky when behind and with 6 players left I’m again the chip leader and in with a great chance of winning my first major title.
The tournament had gone pretty well for me on day one and day two. I managed to avoid too many tough spots along the way. I was the aggressor on most of my tables and when people played back at me I either had complete rubbish and it was an easy fold or I had the goods and won big pots.
When people talk about being lucky in tournaments they often go through hands when a player out draws another with a pair versus a pair or something similar but it’s just as lucky to have your opponents having strong hands when you have better ones. Anyway most of the time when a player got frustrated with me raising and re-raising I actually had it.
One particular hand was with a good English player who I had got the better of so far. He obviously decided that he had had enough and was making a stand on a ten high flop. I of course had flopped the nut trip tens and snap called his all in shove.
When play had finished on day two I felt confidant I could kick on and win the tournament there was obviously a few really good players left like Irish Open champ Niall Smyth but I was feeling good and thought I was playing good.
Like I said in the opening paragraph I started with a disaster on day three, losing a massive pot to eventual winner John Keown when we both flopped two pair blind on blind. I was then all in a number of times, mostly with the best hand but not always and when we got down to the final table of nine I was back to average stack.
The table was playing super tight so I opened a lot of pots and got a lot of easy chips and with six left I’m chip leader without having my tournament life at rick once. As each player got knocked out the game seemed to get looser even though we were now players for the big money.
With four left I made the first and only serious mistake of the tournament when I went all in with an Ace and got called by John’s pocket queens. He held and I was on life support. I got a few shoves through and then with players left I played a massive pot for the chip lead with A9 versus Noel O Brien’s KJ and he won. That pot was for the chip lead and would have left Noel very short however the poker Gods went against me at the most vital time again.
It’s hard to explain to people who don’t play poker that you are very disappointed when you win €35k because you finished third but the poker players understand. Eoin O Dea won $1,700,000 a week later and he was gutted. When you get close you want to win the trophy and also the massive money that comes with it.
A week later I played the Mini WSOP briefly before heading to Riga last week for the EMOP grand final. For anyone that has never been to Riga you should make it you business to get there, there is some value in the restaurants and bars and the cash games are ridiculously soft. Even Phil Baker managed to book a win in a cash game over there!! Actually Phil put up the best showing of all the Irish after he finished 14th out of a field of nearly three hundred.
My own tournament went pretty bad as I played pretty terrible, not sure why maybe it was the four liters of Captain Morgan's myself and Peter Barrable drank the night before. What ever it was I made a few school boy errors finishing with a very badly miss timed bluff. I did manage to win a good few quid at the cash tables so it was not all bad. Peter also woo a few quid at the cash tables and also finished second in the omaha to get a nice Latvian flag on his Hendon Mob file.There was a large contingent of Three Kings Poker qualifiers over there with Phil out lasting them all to win the inaugural TKPEMOP last longer. I believe the first one next year will be Prague so it should be another great trip. Qualifiers will start on Three Kings Poker in January.
 I’m considering going to London to play the GUKPT final next week but with so much on at home it’s hard to justify it. The Fitzwilliam have their winter festival this weekend and in two weeks we have the Cork Christmas Festival. That coupled with a few parties and my schedule is pretty packed coming up to Christmas. I’ll be doing regular chip counts on twitter @ballymorechris and I’ll be trying to update my new site Chris Dowling Poker & Gambling as often as possible.


While Eoghan O Dea was heading over to Vegas to play the the final table of the WSOP main event the rest of us mere mortals headed to sunny Tallaght for the third annual JP Mini WSOP. The event basically is designed to give players an opportunity to play really well structured tournaments for a very modest buy in with a few of the less popular forms of poker catered for.
I played the main event briefly, after getting off to a good start I got smashed up by Chris Cook who is becoming a bit of a thorn in my side when our paths cross. He won the first big pot from me when he had direct position on me, after our table broke we ended up on the same table again, this time I had direct position on him but the result was the same and he knocked me out after I went short and shoved 16 bb over his open with 9d10d and after some deliberation he managed to find a call with QQ.
There were a good few from France and Belgium playing and after I got knocked out I got in a tasty €1-€2-€5 round of each which became plo only after a few hours. If there was a softer table where you could win over €1k then I have never seen it. I got nearly double that which is good going when the majority of stacks are less that €300.
I came back up on Sunday night to play the heads up game but more importantly to watch Eoghan playing the Nov 9. It was a bit of a mess to be honest as the original connection failed and we ended up watching it without sound on a big screen. It was not ideal but was the best they could do, Eoghan never got going and lost most of his stack firing two bullets with AQ no clubs on a three club flop. His exit was pretty sick when he made a great call with A9 after Ben lamb had shoved with Q8.
Myself Sammy & Bomber.
I busted the heads up in the second round after beating John Gallagher in the first. No harm really as I jumped into the new super Hold'm tournament for a quick spin and then into a plo cash game with the same players from Friday night. The game was not as good as Friday but I managed to win a big pot against Phil Baker when we both flopped a set. Bomber Nolan joined the table and to say he had a few on board would be an understatement. Being Bomber, the luckiest player I know he only dropped a few quid before a French player gave him back some money he was after winning because he did not feel it was right to win money from such a drunk player!! Where are these nice guys when I'm steaming drunk firing money all over the shop?
I'm off the Riga on Thursday with a good crew, I'll be doing chip updates on twitter for myself and the lads on @ballymorechris. Hopefully one of us can get a Latvian flag up on the old Hendon Mob.
Chris Dowling
Chris Dowling
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