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Back in business, but with tilt

So I have'nt updated this blog in ages. I have'nt played much at all in the last 4 or 5 months, except in the last few days. 


It is simply quite awesome that full tilt is back in business, there is such sick value in all kinds of rush games. I made a couple of $20 deposits in one day with not much luck. On my 3rd deposit, I managed 3rd in a $11 ROD (Rush on demand) for $218.


My absoloute weakness is tilt / spew. I grinded my balance up shortish stacking $0.05 / $0.10. I was hovering around $300 so I withdew what I deposited with a few extra bucks. I then proceeded to take a few "shots" at $0.50 / $1.00 where everything is going well, then bam, I get a bad beat and go into absoloute spew tard mode. This is not your normal spew, I mean, I would just be potting with any 4 random cards hoping to out luck someone. Maybe it is the gambler in me. Or maybe there is an easier solution, get some self control?


The exact same thing happened to me yesturday, I deposits $25 and was up to $360 within a few hours. I won a $4.40 ROD for $186 and again grinded my stack playing the lower stakes. I withrew some profit leaving my balance at $200 last night. I came home fairly stoned so took a few shots at $0.50 / $1.00 (Bad idea). I got another bad beat and again, bam, more spewwww.


My balance is currently $0, however, Im still up about €100 in the last few days. I'm thinking to specifically play on stars, as you can restrict your Tourney / Cash buy in there. Can you do it on FT? I dont think so.


Will give it another bash tonight, since I'm about 2 hands from clearing a $20 bonus.


Ill update this a little later.


PEACE! hearts

Still learning...

Have'nt posted a blog in ages. The main reason being is that I have not played that much in the last few months. I have however played a decent amount in the last week or so.


As I probably mentioned in my last post, I only play turbo's (bar the MM Stud game yesturday) and since the variance in these is so sick, you find yourself getting sucked out on allot more, mainly due to the fact that you are in push / fold mode for the middle to late stages. I could not win a flop yesturday, or even a 60/40 when I was ahead. It felt so sick after only 3 min-cashes in about 15 games. It was also even more sick since I dont think I did too much wrong. 


There was one hand that was questionable I suppose - It was the $1R 60k GT and I was on the BB with about 16 bigs. It was after the add-on stage, so people were a little tighter, bar one guy. His stats were something like 76/45 over 70 or so hands. He was so bad, limping everywhere. He limped UTG yet again and it was folded to me on the BB. I have K7o and decide to jam. He obhiously snaps with K10 for 3/4 of his stack. GG. I still dont think my play was that bad. What range would YOU shove in this spot?


Anyhow, I woke up this morning after sleeping on it and realized that I played by best, and thats all you can do. If you play your best and make the correct decisions, you will be a long term winner.


Such a great weekend poker wise. I havent played online for about 10 days now. I think it was the best thing to do as I was entering a fairly sick downswing.


My mate and myself decided to attend the Irish Open to play some Cash games. I brought everything I had for the week, which was around €200. I was intending to play €1/€2 and buy-in for the minimum, which I hoped was around €50. When I got there, I was told the minimum buy-in to €1/€2 PLO was €100. This was going to be my only bullet, as I wanted to hang around and few a few pints, to drown my sorrows (if required). Myself and my mate were fairly strapped for cash, so we had an agreement that we would split everything 50/50. A new table was started and around 7 seats were filled. It was a mix of regular guys, but most of them bought in for €500+ 


3 hands in, my mate limped UTG, got two callers behind, I folded. The button, who had showed aggressive tendancies already, raised it to €17 or so. Both blinds called, then my mate shipped in his €100. Everyone at the table called, so the pot was around €480 or so. The flop was 667r. There was much more action on the flop, but my mate looked fairly comfortable. The turn was an ace, and his eyes lit up. BOOM. When all the money went in, one of the lads showed A6xx, then my mate showed AAxx. The one outer, yes.


At this stage I was kinda freerolling, considering I was getting 50% of his winnings. I won a few decent pots myself, so was up to about €230. I called a raise from the button with Jspades4spades10hearts7hearts. There was about 4 to the flop which brought Aclubs8hearts9hearts. This was a monster against these guys. The initial raiser capped it which was about €30 or so. An agro guy in the CO called, so I made it pot. I got 2 callers (one of which was allin). With about €600 or so in the pot, I had €100 left behind. The turn brought a spades3. What an absolute brick. Shit. The CO to my suprise checked, which was weird. Maybe he had a simialir combo draw? We bought check to the river which brought a lovely spades6, giving me the nuts. Again, the CO checked, so I shipped in my last €100 and he snap called. I think he showed something like 4567. Havent got a clue what the other guy had, maybe two pair and a flush draw(?). Anyway, the pot was shipped to me and I ended up cashing out for around €1000, my biggest ever live Cash game win. I was delighted.


Probably go back to grinding micro's this week, so will keep updating.



Bad downswing

Had such an unreal run of bad luck last night. I lost about $70, which is quite allot considering ABI is about $3. Not only did I lose when I was ahead so many times, the times it happened were really vital. I played allot of $2.50 180s with disapointing results. I went deep in a few without cashing, then min cashed in two. The two I min cashed in were brutal.


There is 15 left with the blinds at 800/1600, guy from UTG 3x's when we are 7 handed. We both have roughly the same stacks, (circa 20k) and I look down at AQo. He was playing 18/18 or so, so this was a fairly easy shove imo. He tank called AJ and turned a Jack to knock me out. If I win that Im monster chip leader.


The other 180 man I had about 38k with 12 left. Good aggro guy shoves C/O for 10k with the blinds at 1k/2k, Im in the SB and snap with K9c. He has Q6. I flop a 9, but he turns a Q. Very next hand Im on the button with A4C. I shove into the blinds who have about 7BB. Get snapped by the BB with A5o and he turns a flush. Few hands late on about 12k and in the BB for 3k. Aggro guy ships, I cover, snap with A2o, he has K8 and flops 2 pair. 


I hate moaning about bad beats, but last night was the worst I ever experienced. It was quite funny and predictable. Maybe this is my first long term downswing?


We will see.



Still grinding...

It was a pretty rough weekend for me with regards to most things, especially poker. I played a couple of Micro Millions including the $150k GT $2.20R. I finished around 600th getting about $45 which was okay. Yesturday was pretty sick, lost most of my flips, whenever I pushed with a good hand I got called by a better one. One thing I am happy about, is that I broke the 1k games mark!


Im really going to start studying poker allot, reading books, looking at videos, studying ICM / Poker stove etc. It will be some time before I deposit a roll, Ill try win one first. I have about $160 or so, which means I will just have to keep playing $2 games. I will still of course take shots at the $3R, as there is so much value, but they can get expensive. 


Ill update this as much as possible, aswell as post interesting spots that hopefully you can help me with. My opr is below, which I am very proud of.




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