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Sometimes it is not good to be right

After a lengthy session (29 hours) I was finally off to the airport heading back to Europe. It was a session that started off poorly, then suddenly turned into what looked like a lucrative session only to end as a losing horse trying to make it to the finish line. It was the most expensive flight I have ever missed and in hindsight maybe the most expensive anyone has ever missed, but I shouldn’t forget I had a great trip the first time I was in Macau, so I was definitely due for some losing sessions. Now it is Denmark for a week or two, and since the EPT is stopping by Copenhagen very soon I might try my luck there :-) Gus

Here we go again

Back on track with the missed flights and sadly I must admit this could be the most expensive one I have ever missed :-( Right at this moment we are playing 9 handed and I am not exactly winning. I did just hit the Nut-flush against top pair so the deficit is decreasing, but I have still some ways to go. I am planning to catch the midnight flight to Helsinki, but this is obviously not a ‘For Sure’ thing ;-) Gus

New Session

We have just begun a new session and my flight is leaving in 6 hours. I used to have the world record in missed flights, but lately I have been a good boy and making in time to the airport, but I have my doubts about this flight? If I feel comfortable at the poker table and are not losing too much I might finish out this session and catch a later flight :-) Gus


Not a good session

I have been playing too many hands and not playing them strong enough when a re-raise was called for. That is pretty much the recipe for disaster in any high stakes poker game with aggressive players and high flying action. I have won some big hands but most of the nite I have been up against it with mediocre holdings that didn’t deserve to see the light of day. We are still playing as we speak and I am looking at an extremely lopsided table – 4 BIG losers (again I might be one of them), 2 HUGE winners and 2 medium winners. On a positive note, there is still time to change the landscape around here :-) Gus


A 2.4 Million $ (HK) semi-bluff with an open-ended straight draw was about to pay off as my opponent gave it a looong thought before finally calling with top pair. But as always semi-bluffs has a chance even when they do get called – unfortunately this wasn’t one of those. No King, No 9 and I am starting off this session in re-buy mode :-( Gus


Final session?

A couple of people asked what currency we are talking – I am currently in Macau and all pots played are in Hong Kong $. We are about an hour away from starting again, and I have had some time to digest some of the mistakes made in my last session. Hopefully they will be fewer and farther in between in the upcoming game. This will probably be my last session before heading back to Europe to see Friends and Family, but who knows I might feel lucky and decide to stick around some more ;-) Gus

A follow-up question

When you put your opponent on either a set or a flush-draw and the board pairs on the river AND completes the flush, is it good to call a 4.2mill bet? Once again the answer is probably not! The bad news is I paid 4.2Mill to find out – The good news is my opponent was bluffing and I dragged in a 13.5Mill pot at the end of the session :-) Gus

A quiet poker question

Is it ever a good idea to try and bluff out 2 Kings with the QJ off-suit? The answer is probably not! The bad news is I paid 5Mill to find out as I found myself at the losing end of a 10Mill Heads-up pot. Not my best move of the day :-( gus

Session 4

It’s Monday evening in Macau and we have just begun my 4th session for this trip. A bunch of small pots my way, but not quite enough to make up for a “No-chance-to-succeed” two barrel bluff. Then I chose to follow it up with a 2.4Mill All-In semi-bluff on the turn. Again it had “No-chance-to-succeed” as it got snap called within 2 seconds. The good news for me is that semi-bluffs usually have outs and this time around I had a whooping 10 outs! A successful squeeze later and I could drag in a 5.8Mill pot :-) Gus

3rd session continued

Third session continued, and as a couple of players were stuck and steaming (I might have been one of them) a lot of raising and re-raising followed. Some of them turned out good for me, but the biggest hand of the nite was as ugly as could be! With blinds of 10K-20K I encouraged “Under the Gun” to make a straddle for 40K and then I would make it 80K. The ensuing action looked good for me for just about 17 seconds – 3 blinds up against each other with just over 1 Million HK$ in the pot pre-flop and I am holding the pretty 97 of Diamonds. Flop 9H 6D 2D and with the small blind checking and the 40K straddler betting 550K I felt my best play was to go All-In for 5.3Mill. I do not regret my All-In move, but when the small blind cold calls 3.7Mill and the bettor is counting his outs and figuring out his pot-odds, I have a BAD feeling of what’s in store for me – A set and the Nut-flush draw! And indeed it was, I am down to runner-runner straight or runner-runner full house – not a great spot to be in.

Whoever won the 14.7Mill pot is not my business to discuss, but what I will say is that my 4.3% didn’t hit and I was out another 5.3 Million :-( Gus

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