What's a blog?

What's a blog?

What's a blog?

Your blog is yours, and can be whatever you want it to be. Blogging has become a continuously growing phenomenon on the poker industry over the years and there are millions of blogs out there. And there are no real rules, a blog is your personal story, a diary, a collaborative space, perhaps news presenting space and collection of links and ideas. It is your very own private thoughts.


A blog is a web site, where you write stuff that is going on in your life. A blog are memos to the world. Mypokerblog is created to collect all the poker blogs in one place, easy to handle, easy to read and lots of cool features.


Publish your thoughts

Mypokerblog gives you your own voice on the web among many with same interest. It's where you can collect and share experience and information about things you find interesting— whether it's your bad beats or your good results, a personal diary to organize your own thoughts or plan your next step, or perhaps  links to web sites you want to remember, we are sure you find stuff that suits you at Mypokerblog. Whatever you want to say or discuss, Mypokerblog can help you!


Engage yourself and your friends

Mypokerblog is about more than just putting yourself on the web. It's about connecting with and hearing from others with same interest as you, read each other’s work and share opinions – regardless if you’re a beginner in poker or a old time shark- let the entire world see what you up to.

Mypokerblog  let all members comment and offer feedback on your posts. You can choose whether you want to allow comments, and you can delete any comments you don't like. Mypokerblog let you find people and blogs that share your interests.


We hope you share your life and connection with poker with us at Mypokerblog!