Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

When sharing information on the internet, you always have to be careful how websites deal with the information you provide them. This site will tell you how we deal with data and your privacy at MyPokerBlog.

Personal Information
When registering at MyPokerBlog, we will ask for your email. This email will only be used for verification purposes, and if we need to get in contact with you for some specific reason related to your personal MyPokerBlog account. It will not be used for newsletter or other purposes without your active accept of this, and it will not be sold or given to third parties.

Location Based Information
In order to target our bloggers in the best way, we need to know where they are coming from. We collect data of what country you are visiting from, but we do not go into more specific details than that. This means that we do not store information about where exactly you live, but we simply register the country to optimize the product we offer you.

Browser Information
In order to optimize the experience on MyPokerBlog, we also log what browser you are coming in from. We need to know the need for mobile devices or possible problems with our system in certain browsers. So we store it for our own personal use and will not pass this information on to third parties.

Statistical Information
We register certain information about how users of MyPokerBlog act. This is also in order to obtain statistics to improve our products and optimize the experience of being a blogger at MyPokerBlog. We list how many users every widget has, how much they are using them etc., but we only collect this information for internal use.

Blog Content / Private Messages / Blog Comments / Communication between users
MyPokerBlog provides the possibility to reach a lot of people though writing. Experience shows that not all follow the “Community Guidelines”. MyPokerBlog reserves the right at any time to delete any content, but the company is not responsible for any content provided by users. Sharing information of any kind is the sole responsibility of the user and is completely at the users own risk. Is it advised to use extreme caution when socializing with persons in any online community.

MyPokerBlog will provide and display links to a long list of sites. However, we are not in control of the companies linked to, and can as such not be held responsible for content on those sites. This applies to links provided fra MyPokerBlog as well as links provided by users. It is adviced to read the terms and condisions of the webpage linked to before making any actions on any website linked to.

Data Protection
Being based on the Mediterranean island Malta, Comunit Media Ltd. is under the laws of the EU. According to the Data Protection Act 1998 users have the rights at all times to view the personal information given to MyPokerBlog. This information can be found under the profile section and will at all times also be possible to obtain by writing to All passwords are encrypted and not known by MyPokerBlog.

MyPokerBlog use cookies to improve your experience at MyPokerBlog. When you choose auto log in, it is made possible because of cookies. However, there is no need to worry about the cookies places on your computer as cookies cannot read files on your computer or send information of other kinds than the intended. That information can also only be sent to the company placing the cookie.

At MyPokerBlog we take several security measures into use when protecting our data. We use different tools to prevent personal information to be obtained by others, as well as methods not to be mentioned here will be used to protect our data.
Should we face a situation where we lose information due to illegal activities from outsiders, we will inform you as soon as the circumstances allow us.
The most important thing is for you to be careful with your password and never give it up to other people. Change your password regularly and be careful with your password and do not leave your MyPokerBlog account unattended.

Age policy
Due to the general legislation on gaming we do not allow MyPokerBlog accounts under the age of 18. Since players are not allowed to open up accounts at poker sites before that, we feel that it is irresponsible to allow young and easily influences people to participate in the discussion when they cannot participate in the action. Should account be made that we suspect is under aged, we have the right to close the account without further discussion.

Legally Compelled Disclosure
Under normal circumstances we do not deliver personal information about our users to third parties. This is a part of the security protection from our side, and an important part of the security setup. However, should we be required to disclose personally identifiable information by a court, the police or other law enforcement, we will cooperate with that unit and participate in investigations without being in violation with this policy.

Business Transactions
In case of a business transaction, it is likely that personal information will be shared with the new partners or new owners as the database of the users most likely will be a part of the assets transferred. Should this even become reality, MyPokerBlog will endeavour to notify all account holders beforehand.

Changes to Privacy Policy
Should there be changes in the Privacy Policy, they will be listed under this page. MyPokerBlog claims the right to change in the policies without notifying all accounts via email, so it is solely the responsibility of the user to keep updated with this policy. All users of MyPokerBlog has an obligation to know the rules of the site at all times.

Effective Date
The Privacy Policy is effective from the day of the launch of MyPokerBlog September 8 2010. When updated, the time for the update will be listed here.