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No Mickey Mouse Results by Rupert Elder

I’d never been to Copenhagen before but I distinctly remember my sister coming back from an exchange trip there and being less than impressed with the place. I spent a lot of time in the hotel oversleeping and re-watching the still hilarious Peep Show and mixing in a lavish meal at the worlds best restaurant Noma and the also very very decent Herman.

The main event was bad for me, I lost a few pots to get down to 8k, doubled up twice by ruining at least one persons life before having my own life put into a state of disarray by former EPT Prague winner Roberto Romanello when I thought getting 5 bets in on a QTx flop with AQ was a remotely good idea. He had a set of tens and I was sent packing tail firmly between legs.

I did find a spot of luck in the 16200kr side event (about €2 bags) where I ended up getting a 5th for a decent chunk of the local currency. Far more interestingly though my good friend Mickey Petersen or better known to a lot of the online community as mement_mori had a stroke of self-realization and decided it was time to seize the day by winning an EPT of his own.

I was absolutely over the moon for the lad and especially after a grueling 6 hour heads up battle against Pierre Neuville I know he would have been nothing but disappointed unless he closed it out. Welcome to the club Mickey!

Before that I played a tournament in Venice with no luck against the Italians and have been getting away decent online volume with mixed results. The next stop for me is IPT Nova Gorica in Slovenia a stop long term readers will remember I took my parents to for a €500 tournament way back in 2007. After that it’s EPT Madrid before an absolutely packed end of March all the way through April culminating in the fantastic EPT Grand Final back in its rightful home of Monte Carlo where I get another shot at the champions of champions freeroll!

2012 SO AWESOME by Rupert Elder

This year has been a BLAST already. I haven’t been updating my blog since I’ve been keeping so busy but to save everybody’s time I’ll just post some photos and what has been going on SO:

The year popped off with a wee house party that was mostly a blur after copious amounts of champagne and gin.

Myself, David, and the jovial Dominik set off on our ADVENTURES starting in the BIG APPLE itself named New York City. We met up with Melanie to tour guide us round wonderful restaurants and jostled us through the blizzardly winds.

Dom devouring an NYC pizza

Empire state of mind

After that we went to that famous European country Bahamas to attempt to win a second (or in rarer cases a first) EPT. We were completely unsuccessful and between us all we could muster was me coming 13th in a 6 max. Which wasn’t even final 2 tables. Yawn.

Sunday grind where I actually did win money

So we hustled our way to Australia which took me a day longer and $2500 more than expected as I missed my flight over. Melanie was there once again having recently announced that she is the new LOCK PRO ELITE (download here). Surprisingly though this doesn’t make her an expert locksmith but a representative of a site on the merge network. A locksmith would have come in handy as David (who denies everything) managed to lose the keys to our apartment before I even got there.

A lot of Australia was consumed by Melanie trying to win a $10k freeroll from Tony G of ON YOUR BIKE fame. She didn’t win the bet, so here is a photo of me attempting to hula hoop.

Even less successful than her unicycle skills (background)

We celebrated Australia day by the beach in St Kilda which was nothing short of lovely.

P3rc4 remembering the good parts of life

Early in the Australia leg Marty (TheLipoFund) and Klink10k (Jason Mo) discovered a restaurant near our house called Hunky Dory’s. Indeed everything was hunky dory with wonderful affordable fresh fish.

We ate a considerable amount of these

Possibly too much

Marty was the most successful across the Australian apartments despite both Marvin and Manig coming close in the $1k rebuy. Manig didn’t actually come that close, but 11th place sounds good! Marty got a last second save in and did what he does best by winning a turbo $500c for $33k.

The bed of champions

The three musketeers soldiered on to Hong Kong to enjoy more drinking related antics as well as a spot of tourism.

Two white boys trying to use chopsticks

The fantastic Sakesan which serves the best cocktails in the world on the mid-level escalators

10000 buddhas. I counted. Not really.

A couple of my faves. REACH FOR THE STARS


Windmilling Buddha with a couple of professional windmillers

Peace and tranquillity

Avenue of Stars at night

Bruce Mfkin Lee

One of the more rowdy raves I’ve been to

Skyscraper fetish

U mad?

We went to the peak but it was pretty foggy. Still cool though.

The view from the tram back down

So that’s it. I’m in Venice now for the WPT which I already bust then I’m going to try and win more money playing live and online tournaments LOVING THE GAME!!!!!!! 2012 <3

2011 by Rupert Elder

It’s been a fucking incredible year. This is my second full calender year playing poker full time although there were a lot of patches where it was very much part time.

The year couldn’t have started much better when one of my best friends James Keys binked off a cool milly in the Aussie Millions with myself and Mongy accompanying the celebrations to Hong Kong and Thailand.

An epic trip in April to Manilla/Berlin/Seville/Dublin culminated in a trip to San Remo. I’d managed to nick 2 cashes under my belt on the trip already and older readers won’t recall I went to San Remo back in November for an IPT where I did not win. In an effort to rectify things I went back for my 2nd EPT ever and pinged it off with a little help from my friends (#teammiramare).

Life didn’t change too drastically but I did find myself at every single EPT stop as well as a few others – not least of those on the feature table next to Daniel Negreanu live on ESPN at the WSOP main event. Probably something I could tick off the bucket list if I wasn’t trying to act so nonchalant about it all.

I’ve been working hard in December and my work ethic is really good at the moment. I’ve settled very nicely into my new place in London where the area is gorgeous and just perfect for spending the next 2 months travelling!

So at some point I said +$105k and 300 working days. I have no idea how many days I played in 2011 but I 4x’d the first goal with change which is nice.

I don’t normally make ridiculous predictions but I found myself not carrying a mirror to my room at 4am the other night based on the fact that I could “really not use 7 years bad luck at the moment” so I fancy myself to be a bit of a Mystic Meg. I really have a good feeling for Dominik Nitsche in 2012. I feel like he is maturing a lot as a person especially compared to when I first met him and I think we think about hands in a really similar way for the most part (and obviously I’ve solved poker so…) so I like his style. Expect big things from him and buy up his action whenever you can. Except in Vegas, absolutely no way he has a winning trip there.

Also worth noting that Black Friday fucked a lot of people, some harder than others and it really isn’t on. I really hope everything gets resolved and things end up better than they started be it through regulation or Full Tilt coming back or whatever. There’s people who I am REALLY pulling to have a good 2012 because the DOJ fucked them over hard so I hope that happens.

To the rest of you I hope you have a splendid new year and get absolutely smashed as I fully intend to do. Then enjoy a day of hangover and remorse as you afflict more pain on yourself by grinding the first Sunday of the year. GOGOGOGOGOGOGO

Rups 2012 goals
- 6000 online tournies
- 50 live tournies

Czeching out the Fat Duck by Rupert Elder

A couple of months ago at EPT London Melanie was harassing me over the possibility of getting a reservation at the Fat Duck. I wasn’t entirely sure how plausible it was but we set a date for after the Prague poker festival and I set about trying to get a table. It was remarkably easy actually, you just ring up 2 months in advance and choose your time.

So six of us embarked on the small village of Bray home of half of England’s 3* Michelin restaurants. After a minor debacle with late drop outs Spinks/Cath the far superior replacements of George and Andy were drafted and despite arriving 40 minutes late and myself wielding quite a touchy temper we were still very prepared for an awesome meal. Morale was raised heavily as we plowed through a bottle of Krug and a liquid nitrogen covered gin and tonic meringue and the meal generally lived up to expectations. I was less than impressed with the sounds of the sea course where you had to don some headphones listening to the sea and eat something resembling sand and seaweed but everyone else loved it and I thought the rest of the meal was absolutely incredible.

Prague too was wonderful. I made yet another deep run in an EPT but ended up coming 62nd. The 2 big pots I lost were both pretty marginal and so perhaps I should have err’d on the side of caution but I chatted with Timex who was also at the table afterwards and he sort of implicated he would have played it the same. He’s awfully clever though so no doubt he’s setting me up for some future play when we’re at a final table together or something.

I found a lot of time to do some drinking in Prague (fancy that) as well as multiple visits to the incredible Christmas market and a trip to the top of the clock in the old square. We had a couple of good lash ups especially after John Andress won the highroller who kept morale high and troops rallying by ordering round after round of shots.

I’m moving house on Saturday and I’m really looking forward to it. I think it will be a lot nicer living near some greenery and having the tube a lot closer as well as having a more homely place. After that I’ll head home for Christmas before travelling around for Jan and Feb.

I suppose my next post will be a 2011 round up as has become tradition round these parts. It was a pretty good year all in all so if you’re looking for more downbeat content you’ll have to look somewhere else I’m afraid.

Greek Tragedy by Rupert Elder

I spent the last week in Loutraki in Greece. It’s a small town with a large casino and hotel “resort” which is fairly miserable when the weather is not hot. Unfortunately we got the brunt of the weather end as the 10 degree temperature and fast winds led to most of my time spent inside the pretty dull place.

The main event went well for me, I chipped up nicely on day 1 and after blasting a few chips on day 2 things really picked up for me and was chip leader for a lot of the tournament before the money after a huge pot where I 2x pot jammed the river with the nut flush and found a caller. When the direct bubble came around I somehow found myself jamming the river with A high for my tournament life. Fortunately the chap folded and I crossed the line. I bust out in an unlucky for some 13th place when I 4 bet jammed KJhh into Zimmys QQ CO vs BTN.

Zimmy is a guy I have known since I was 18, one of the first people I met at university when I went to Imperial at the poker society (what else). Back then he’d hustle me into playing £5 HU SNGs and completely owning me and watch me routinely spend £20-30 a week on the £1r. I won a PCA package around that time and everyone thought it was incredible – Zimmy thought that online must be joke soft if a fish like me could win! Anyway he ended up taking down the event and I couldn’t be happier for him even though I was absolutely devastated to bust myself.

I had a rough Sunday where I lost around $4.4k of my own money and had TWO horses FT bubble the party major! I’m very happy to be back in London though and going to get my poker and gym grind on before GUKPT London and a long slog in Prague before the festivities begin kicking off with possibly a trip to Edinburgh on the 10th if not The Fat Duck on the 13th depending on my progress in these donkaments!

I love San Remo! by Rupert Elder

I had a fair shot at defending my title in San Remo, I made it all the way to the end of Day 2 before busting in the penultimate hand of the day where if I had a little more sleep I might have been able to pass my jacks pre to the Italian 3 betting my under the gun open then leaning back and looking away.

San Remo has always been enjoyable for me though, this being my 3rd visit. I went by myself the first time and had some really nice meals in a quaint little restaurant near Hotel Alexander where I was staying. There is a delicious pâtisserie near the McDonalds in the square which does an absolutely incredible hot chocolate.

The second visit I discovered the out of this world good Ristorante Mare Blu situated just round the corner from the hotel. I went there with fellow Day 5ers Andy Teng and Xuan Liu (don’t think Max was there, can’t remember) and made an absolute school boy error of getting the ravioli.

This trip I managed to rectify all mistakes and had several of the most incredible aragosta lobster and spaghetti dishes. We had a rather lovely dinner on the last day with recently crowned 4th place finisher Barny Boatman with an assortment of nations being represented to wave good bye to San Remo. A few messy nights out definitely hindered my performance in the €2k side event I played but I was happy with how I played in the €1k getting in 115bbs with KK and not beating 77. I managed to get out of it with cheeky %s in Jon Spinks (soooo close) and Dylan Wilkerson so it wasn’t a complete disaster.

I’ve been busy making a schedule for the new year – my current plan is to go to PCA and Aussie Millions then New Zealand and Hong Kong for a little holiday and to see some friends.

LOUTRAKI 14th-21st November
GUKPT London 1st-4th December
PRAGUE 4th-12th December
PCA 6th-15th January
Aussie Millions 17th-31st Jan
NZ 1st-8th Feb
HK 8th-15th Feb

Quite the traveller! Sometime around late December I’m looking to move house in London to a nicer area. I enjoyed my time in Angel but unfortunately things ended on bad terms, perhaps it’s the dark winter months and local youths outside causing trouble that got things heated. Time heals all wounds and all that.

EPT London and the rest of it by Rupert Elder

EPT London has been and gone and despite not really getting anything going in the two tournaments I played I did have a wonderful time hanging out with old friends and meeting some new ones too.

I made day 2 of the main event but got in a tricky spot with jacks where I ended up 3 bet/getting in vs a committing 4 bet but vs a backraise that was probably quite likely to be strong. Nevertheless he had AA and I can only mull over what I could have done differently. I also played the £1.1k side event which ended in tragedy when I 3 bet/called AQ and got the guy to do exactly what I wanted except on this occasion he had 44 and flopped a boat.

Due to some active anti-railing and keenness to try out all of Londons best culinary delights, Dominic managed to drag me out to the wonderful Hakkassan. It’s Asian cuisine with lots of silly cocktails and after a few pink Mojitos the conversation was flowing as nicely as the soft crab shell. There were a couple of post meal sweats, firstly it took well over an hour to get a taxi and several of us had to play the next day. Secondly, George declared that he got food poisoning from there the week before.

All was resolved though and the next night Melanie and David had me trottering over to go to L’atelier – a 2* French restaurant. I arrived a bit earlier than everyone else but was soon joined with the jovial Scott Seiver for a pre-dinner cocktail or two. Eventually everyone arrived with much blame being passed as to whos fault it was they were so late etc and we managed to tuck into some gorgeous langoustine ravioli and such like. Afterwards we headed to O bar in Soho which was/is presumably some sort of former/current gay bar. The music was good though and the drinks flowing nicely before eventually calling it a night around 3 and having no notable taxi issues.

Wednesday was the Pokerstars party at the awesome Kensington Roof Gardens. My last visit here was for Georges birthday and while this night wasn’t as good as that one I still had a fun time and the open bar never hurts, at least until the morning. I ended up going to some after party with David but it was a bit shit so turned it in just after arriving there much to the taxi drivers pleasure of taking £20 for a 2 minute taxi from me.

On Thursday Melanie sent me an urgent message just after lunch time declaring that I had to go to Billy Elliot. I made my excuses and bashed out a big gym workout before we headed to dinner with Dylan and Gloria too at the Square. The Square has a soft place in my heart as it’s where I had a wonderful family dinner for my mums birthday a few years ago. Once again we had the excellent tasting menu and the Square never fails to deliver. It was quite seafood geared and while I’m not a huge fan of it the Square does a very good job and the meal was absolutely delicious and I think we were all stuffed by the end determined to polish off the soufflé.

So all in all a pretty awesome week and it won’t surprise you to hear that I’m now thoroughly ill with an awful cough, sore throat, head ache and a touch of gout kicking in. It’s starting to become manageable now though and hopefully I’ll be in fighting fitness for both San Remo and my friends Craig and Klees wedding.

As the days get shorter by Rupert Elder

August was my first losing month of the year. I managed to see off just shy of $10k of my hard earned Italian dollars, predominantly on live tournies of which I managed 4. September would be heading the same way too despite a win in the ipoker $100r last week – one of my horses has been on a really nice heater which has gotten me out of it nicely.

Londons ok, I’m fairly settled down here but often find myself with little to do beyond poker. I find myself spending an uncomfortable amount of time on online banking probably in the hope that the numbers will just go up if I stare. Other than that time seems to have passed by ridiculously fast this month, suppose youtube isn’t going to watch itself.

I’ve done a spot of cooking – made a bread and butter pudding that looked atrocious but tasted good and helped my housemate George out with a massive spaghetti and meatballs that came out a bit thin because I put too much oil in the pan. Have to start somewhere!

Yes, I and others ate this

I’ve been watching a lot of the videos on Khan Academy too, really awesome idea and implementation. If they had videos for my whole degree I would have learned so much more and got a way better grade.

Other than the downswing and boredom getting me down, I think I was affected by the unexpected death of Paresh Jain. I’d never met him or talked to him really but I’ve played with him online and read a lot of his posts on 2+2 and seen him about at live events. He seemed like a nice chap and a very good player. Certainly his death made me take a good look at myself and my future with not much of a conclusion. Best wishes to all his friends and family.

It's the thought that counts by Rupert Elder

I had the pleasure of playing a Sunday session with Mickey “mement_mori” Petersen and a few others today and I chatted to him about staking. Among other things it got me thinking a lot about some of the pieces I’ve bought in the past and how while staking is very rarely a game of asymmetric information perhaps I’ve been too liberal in my lack of due diligence. In fact when reflecting upon it, there is nothing really that I’ve sort of just picked up and had a natural inclination. I fell down all the straightforward and obvious poker pitfalls when I was starting out but it still took me 3 or 4 years to overcome most of them – for example being terrible at poker and bankroll management and having a vice or two on the side.

When I was at school I’d often moan to my mum about how history/geography/English were useless to me and how I would never use them and how boring they were. She would always patiently explain to me that it isn’t necessarily what I learn that matters so much as the learning process. It wasn’t advice I clicked onto until maybe a year or so after I’d left university where having successfully coasted my way through 16 years of education I was left with a $2k roll trying to make a living at NL50. While I appear quite lazy to many it’s more that a lot of things just don’t hold my interest and so I stubbornly don’t want to put the effort into it. A year and a half on from playing full time I was only up to NL200 – it would have been shrewd to have taken my mums advice of sticking at school just to get that learning process down. Fortunately for me poker is something I absolutely love so I am quite happy to commit a lot of time to getting better at it which is probably half the process itself.

Currently I’m investigating a couple of property options, nothing overly exciting just something to squirrel away some money into in case everything goes tits up. It’s a somewhat daunting prospect dropping a lump on something especially as I’m unlikely to go down the traditional route of residential housing. Hopefully I won’t make too many mistakes and clock onto things earlier rather than later but thankfully I have a fairly laissez faire attitude anyway (probably something to do with those slacking school days) so if it all goes wrong I guess I’ll just live and learn.

Lads weekend away by Rupert Elder

Myself, Tommo and George decided to have a typical lads weekend in Monte Carlo – usual stuff, chopper to the hotel, drinking in front of the yachts then top it all off with some wonderful food from Buddha Bar and lashing at the ever wonderful Jimmy*z.

I’ve been taking tips from Andys blog and thought I’d throw in a few photos to get you in the mood.

Heliport as we landed

Not our limo unfortunately

What a lovely day!

The weather fantastic, company good as ever, and food and drink brilliant! Unfortunately all good things come to an end and after a rather hungover return my gout has returned in fantastic fashion after a perhaps overenthusiastic workout at the gym with my new personal trainer. I was a bit apprehensive but he seems like a good chap and seemed to know what was going on. I had to cancel my session with tomorrow since I can’t walk due to the aforementioned gout which I’m hoping will subside soon.

For now I’m concentrating on cash games for a while then off to Barcelona to tear up the EPT on Friday.

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